Our Impact

Our Vision

Advancing the Common Good

We envision a county where all individuals and families achieve their human potential through access to education, opportunities to improve financial stability, and support to lead healthy lives.

Impact Goals

We focus our efforts on three areas where we make the greatest impact: education, financial stability, and health.


Providing access to education and building the foundation for a prosperous life

Financial Stability

Promoting opportunities to improve financial stability and achieve self-sustainability


Sharing critical resources that assist individuals to lead healthy lives

Community Impact Goals

We have goals to advance the common good in the Yampa Valley within early childhood education, youth success, financial stability, and mental health. Our impact areas guide us in creating these community-led solutions. Our goals are based on where we have the power to make the greatest impact in the community.

Early Childhood Education

Giving children a strong start from birth to age eight


Access to affordable, quality preschool and childcare and other early childhood development programs that promote literacy and kindergarten preparation.


UWYV has invested $1.2 million in early childhood education, including tuition scholarships, since 2000.

Youth Success

Transitions are sometimes tough for young people, particularly at-risk youth


Youth that are involved in extracurricular activities including service and civic engagement are less likely to engage in risky behaviors.


UWYV programs impact 70% of the youth in the Yampa Valley.

Financial Stability

With 30% of Routt County households living below the county self-sufficiency standard, many individuals and families struggle to make ends meet


A family with two adults and two school-age children would need to earn $78,755 per year to cover basic expenses in Routt County, more than $50,000 above the federal poverty bench march for a family of four (Colorado Center on Law and Policy).


In 2020, our partnership with FamilyWize saved 83 individuals over $6,800 in prescription costs.

Mental Health & Crisis Services

Local mental health resource providers have seen a 70% increase in services used in the past year


The Yampa Valley has one of the highest suicide rates in the state of Colorado.


People get help when they need it: United Way of the Yampa Valley has access to emergency care response teams 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where did your 2021 donation go?

United Way of the Yampa Valley envisions our community as one where all children and adults succeed through education, income stability, and healthy lives.


$155,000 was invested in Early Childhood Education, giving children a strong start.


$120,500 was invested in Youth Success, providing youth a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment.


$30,635 was invested in Financial Stability, improving the financial opportunity for all Routt citizens in need.


$93,865 was invested in Mental Health, promoting access to critical mental health services.

How We Make Our Impact

We have signature programs that make a direct impact in the community. By bridging the gap between our impact goals and the current state of the community, we can allocate our full efforts to the areas that need us the most.

Day of Caring

Thanksgiving Dinner

Fall Food Card Drive

Imagination Library

In 2021, Routt County United Way invested 500,000 in Routt County through our grants, funding critical nonprofits and agency programs across the community.

Through grants, Routt County United Way supports more than 25 agencies and human service programs in Routt County. These agencies and programs help individuals in all walks of life succeed in early childhood education, youth success, and financial stability.

When a family wants to bridge the gap to become self-sufficient, they need the support of many different organizations. We strategically partner with over 40 local agencies to improve the education, financial stability, and health of local families. RCUW is also the leader of the Human Resource Coalition, a network of health and human service agencies that work collectively to address community problems.

“The Routt County United Way is a strong organization that provides necessary funding and resources to the non profits in our county. One of the greatest resources that RCUW offers is the development of cooperative relationships among the providers in the non profit community! This relationship building and sharing of resources supports our non profits in providing exemplary services to many of the neediest populations including children and adults in our community. RCUW is a recognized non profit leader in Routt County!!”

Jane Toothaker, Educational Consultant