Grant Applications

The Grant Cycle is Currently Closed – please check back for 2025 dates!

Grant Application Information

Please complete the application as outlined below:

  1. Please read the grant criteria below.
  2. If you were awarded a grant that ends this year, please complete the grant report first. This may save you time when filling out the grant application.
  3. Schedule a pre-qualification meeting with UWYV by calling Kate Nowak (970) 879-5605 ex. 101
  4. Attend a grant application training.
  5. Review the Supplemental Instructions and UWYV Evaluation Rubric.
  6. Fill out and submit your grant application by February 16.

Our Vision

We envision a county where all individuals and families achieve their human potential through access to education, opportunities to improve financial stability, and support to lead healthy lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to unite people, ideas, and resources to advance the common good in education, financial stability, and health.

Grant Criteria:

Program Features

  • Fund a program aligned with your core organization goals.
  • Serve primarily lower-income, at-risk clients in Routt, Moffat, and/or Rio Blanco County.
  • Address a UWYV community impact goal.
  • Show strong program management ability by delivering, critically evaluating, and continuously improving program results.

Organizational Features

  • Exhibit strong oversight by an engaged Board of Directors.
  • Present a financially healthy organization.
  • Be a tax-exempt organization eligible to accept charitable donations.

UWYV only accepts requests for program funding; UWYV does not fund general operations or capital equipment at this time.

Grant requests for programs that align with UWYV Board priorities and meet or exceed UWYV expectations will receive funding priority. See our evaluation rubric.

2023-2024 UWYV Community Impact Goals:

Give children a strong start

(birth to 8 years of age)

We all benefit when every child from the earliest age has a strong developmental start. UWYV funds programs that improve developmental opportunities for lower-income, at-risk children. We seek to address the following challenges:

  • Access to affordable, quality preschool and childcare
  • Access to other early childhood development programs that promote literacy, kindergarten preparation or parenting skills
  • Childhood food insecurity
  • Need for more and better qualified preschool teachers

Provide youth a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment

(9-17 years of age)

Transitions are sometimes tough for young people, particularly at-risk youth. UWYV seeks to fund programs that support the successful transition of elementary school students into middle school, of middle school students into high school and of high school students into adulthood. Challenges that we will look to address are:

  • Literacy at grade level
  • Financial literacy or work/life readiness
  • Food insecurity
  • Bullying prevention and support for diversity
  • Discouraging use of alcohol, tobacco, vaping and other drugs
  • Need for student engagement and/or parental support
  • Healthy behavioral boundaries
  • Appropriate use of technology

Improve the financial stability of Northwest Colorado residents in need

Many individuals and families struggle to make ends meet. Programs that seek to achieve the following will be considered:

  • Build financial skills or resiliency through adult education or counseling in household financial management or workplace readiness
  • Reduce food insecurity
  • Enable seniors to live in their homes longer if they wish
  • Improve household financial stability
  • Improve access to adult education or training that enhances job skills

Expand access to health & crisis services

People who experience mental health issues or physical or emotional abuse need support and access to resources to move towards a better quality of life. To promote the social/emotional wellbeing of community members, we seek to fund programs that:

  • Offer mental health education or counseling for adults or children
  • Prevent suicides through education or counseling
  • Address substance abuse
  • Prevent domestic violence or abuse
  • Respond to people in crisis
  • Provide general health services in underserved areas of Moffat and/or Rio Blanco County

How to Apply:

Schedule a pre-qualification meeting with United Way of the Yampa Valley by calling Kate Nowak at 970-879-5605 ex. 101

The UWYV grant cycle opens January 22, 2024.

All grant applications and supporting documents are due on February 16, 2024 by 5:00 pm MST.

We have 2 different grant applications. The criteria for each are shown below.

Community Program Application

Community Programs are limited to an annual funding request in an amount not exceeding $5,000. Community programs must provide services that help lower-income Routt, Moffat, and/or Rio Blanco County residents to develop their potential or to meet their basic needs, and that align with one of UWYV’s community impact goals.

Regular Application

Our regular application does not have a dollar limit on the amount that can be requested for program funding. Organizations must be tax-exempt, provide services to lower-income Routt, Moffat, and/or Rio Blanco County residents, address a UWYV community impact goal, and meet other key considerations (see Grant Criteria above).

All funded programs must review actual results with UWYV by completing a Grant Report. Questions should be directed to Kate Nowak:

The Community Investment Committee will review grants by impact area. Any questions for an agency will allow for about a week to respond.

TBA: Follow-up conversations with UWYV Community Investment Committee.