Volunteer Opportunities


Join us at the Hayden Recreation Center on Wednesday, April 17th from 11:30-1:00 pm for training on our new platform (Give Pulse) funded by the Yampa Valley Community Foundation and United Way of the Yampa Valley. Enjoy a free lunch with fellow non-profits and learn how to add your volunteer opportunity to the new platform! Sign up today!

Find volunteer opportunities with United Way and other local nonprofits!

Thank you YVCF for the grant support of our Volunteer Yampa Valley program/platform!

Your Volunteer Responses!

We had an amazing time at Warhorse. The team out there was incredible to work with, we knew exactly what we needed to do, and we felt very accomplished that were able to complete the tasks the Ranch assigned.

Cari A. Ruben

Great experience. It felt good to do something for the community and to connect with others at the same time. We were able to get so much done with many helping hands.

Marchele McCarthy

We had a great time working on Julie Carey yard at Stellar Beginnings. She was organized, super excited to have us and very appreciative.

We worked hard for 2 hours on her yard and it looked amazing when we were done. We filled 12 garbage bags full of leaves, dirt, branches and weeds.

Thank you United Way for connecting the Community together to make this day a huge success

Betsy Wood