In the end, we are all remembered for our acts, for the lives we touch, and by the causes we advance. One of the most important things you can do is to create a lasting legacy in our community by contributing to our Mount Zirkel Legacy Fund. It’s simple to do – just provide the following provision in your Last Will and Testament.

“ I give the sum of $ _______ (or state a percentage of the residual estate) to United Way of the Yampa Valley’s endowment fund called Mount Zirkel Legacy Fund, a Colorado nonprofit and section 501©(3) tax-exempt organization.”

This simple language is all it takes to create a perpetual gift that will carry on the United Way of the Yampa Valley’s mission forever. The word “endowment” means simply that the gift initially contributed will be held and invested for the benefit of the United Way of the Yampa Valley. The earnings from these investments will be contributed to United Way of the Yampa Valley annually and then used by our organization to fulfill our mission.

Although endowment contributions can be made anonymously, donations also can be in the name of the contributor. This practice both memorializes those who made the gifts to the endowment and inspires others to do the same. United Way of the Yampa has a beautiful originally designed recognition wall in our Steamboat Springs Headquarters office so that everyone who enters can see the people who contributed to the Mount Zirkel Legacy Fund. Take a look next time you visit us!

To learn more about making a charitable bequest for United Way of the Yampa Valley, please contact Kate Nowak at or 970-879-5605. Together, we can pass on your passion for the next generation.