Mental Health & Crisis Services

Promote Access to Mental Health & Crises Services

Colorado has a higher prevalence of mental health issues and lower rates of access to care, with an overall ranking of 47th in the nation. As elevation increases by county, statistics of mental health crises and suicides increase. United Way of the Yampa Valley promotes access to mental health and crisis services to educate what resources are available and to intervene when a crisis happens. We support programs that seek to achieve the following:

  • Build programs in our school systems that educate youth on mental health
  • Promote and build emotional and mental health stability and suicide prevention
  • Help those in the community with severe mental health issues access the higher level of care required to be able to return to a healthy level of functioning

Mental Health in the Yampa Valley

In 2020, the number of suicides nearly doubled in Routt County.

*Colorado Center for Health & Environmental Data

Since 2008, the Yampa Valley has been designated by the federal government as a health service shortage area, meaning there aren’t enough providers to serve all the people who need care.

*2018 Rise Above Colorado Youth Survey

UWYV Successes

Elementary schools in Hayden and South Routt have access to mental health professionals at no cost to families while teaching kids and families how to find resources for their mental health well-being.

Our immigrant and limited English-speaking population has 24/7 access to interpretation services via phone, in person, or Zoom.

Success Story

With support from UWYV, Advocates has drastically expanded its Social Change program, composed of innovative educational workshops, awareness campaigns, events, and special projects. Being afforded the opportunity to dedicate a staff member to developing and executing these efforts has resulted in Advocates producing a full suite of six interactive educational presentations to serve schools, colleges, businesses, community groups, and more across Routt County. The social change program also allows Advocates to locally participate in national campaigns like Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) and Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) through an array of community outreach efforts, both in-person and online.

– Advocates of Routt County