Financial Literacy Check Up

Financial Literacy Checkup : These Free Courses are Brought to You By Women United

Do you want to improve your financial literacy this year? Women United is thrilled to be launching a financial literacy checkup series. Courses include: Investing 101, Credit 101, Homebuying 101, and Budgeting 101.

The program consists of three classes; childcare available upon request and dinner will be provided at each class.

Investing 101:

January 18, 25, and February 8

Learn how investing provides security for your future.

Learn about the value of your money and how to make it work for you, allowing you to achieve your financial goals and create peace of mind.

After going through the course, students will have the confidence to understand the basics of money and markets, create their investment plan, and utilize tools to achieve their financial goals.

WU’s Investing 101: Secure Your Future will be led by Eileen Allen.

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Credit 101:

March 1, 8, and 22

Learn how your credit score impacts your financial health.

It is more important now than ever before to get control of your credit. We will demystify what impacts credit and most importantly how to build and improve your score. Students will learn misconceptions about credit, how to view their full credit report, and also how to dispute and improve their score.

Women United’s Credit 101: Everything You Want To Know About Credit, But Are Afraid To Ask will be led by Kathryn Pedersen.

Registration Open Feb. 1

Homebuying 101:

April 26, May 3 and May 10

Learn about the homebuying process from start to finish.

Students will feel more capable and comfortable understanding terms and benefits as well as how to protect themselves throughout the process. They can begin the home buying process knowing their options and how to achieve their goals. This will reduce surprises and create more confidence and success overall.

Registration Open March 26

Budgeting 101:

October 18, November 1, and 8

Learn how to live a life of financial freedom through budgeting.

This course will teach how to live a life of financial freedom through learning all the basics to budgeting.

After going through the course, students will have the confidence to start their own budget, update it along the way, and make it better over time so they can enjoy life while still accomplishing financial goals.

WU’s Budgeting 101: Make Your Dreams Come True will be led by Scott Ford and Kate Nowak

Registration Open

Budget 101 Testimonials

“It helped me get out of $15,000 in credit card debt.”

“It took me a while to get the hang of sticking to the budget. But now I have been stricter with myself and have been good about updating my budget.”

“This class was great for understanding budgeting is not scary and helpful once you try. It helped me understand what I was spending and be mindful of where I wanted that money. My personal “why.”

“I would love it if more people could take this course.”

“I strongly recommend this class to anyone with any debt or dislikes their relationship with money. Learning to do a zero-based personal budget is a valuable life skill. This class can help people of any age or income level achieve financial goals that may have previously seemed impossible.”